Hand and foot care

Foot Balsam 150 ml

Special balm to care for tired and heavy feet and the soles of the feet. Alpine rose and rosemary stimulate the skin's metabolism and have a strengthening and vivifying effect. Sage has sweat-, fungus- and odour-neutralising properties; mint refreshes and cools. Application: Apply to clean dry skin and gently massage in.

Alpine Rose Hand Cream 50 ml

Light nutritional cream that is quickly absorbed and makes the skin soft and supple. Alpine rose and apricot extracts in combination with other activating substances (provitamin B5, vitamin E, allantoin, etc.) make this lotion particularly delicate and have a moisture-regulating effect on dry and cracked hands. Alpine rose, in particular, has a regenerating and firming effect on the skin. Apricot, rich in carotenoids, vitamin B5 and folic acid, protects the skin from UV radiation, moisturises it, stimulates cell regrowth, smoothes and invigorates the skin. Application: Apply some cream and massage into the skin. Can be used several times a day.